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Friday, 8 August 2008

NHS, Cancer drugs and money

Arrgh its been a long time since I posted. I just thought that I'd repost a comment I maid on the beeb site over this cancer care money/drug debate shambles that's unfolding. People keep saying that if the money for the cancer drugs gets a patient 12 months of extra life but if that money was applied to a heart patient, they'd get 5 or so then you have to go for the heart guy and leave cancer dude to die. The logic of that is that I should, therefore, be executed by the state because a bullet is a one time expense of 4p whereas my interferon is an ongoing cost of £8,000 per year which also ensures I will need further medical interventions...

Added: Friday, 8 August, 2008, 07:04 GMT 08:04 UK

Hmm. So its all about money.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and the PCT funds my Beta Interferon, one of these expensive drugs you hear so much about (£8k per year). I will need this drug for many years, possibly decades. It allows me to work longer and pay more taxes. However, if its all about money, a 9mm bullet is about 4p and its application to my head would ensure that I needed no more of the money I and my family have paid to the NHS through our taxes. How is that any different to this?

Shaun, Newhaven

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're well. Just dropped by to say that I totally agreed with your post on Tom Harris' blog.